Now...A soon to be a Johnson and Wales University Graduate, I am purchasing my strong goals of being involved in culinary and entertainment events, services, and the Hospitality industry.  Fueled by passion and determination, my Culinary Arts Associate, Food Service Management Bachelor, and Events Management Concentration are only a few of many stepping stones to carve my career. 

Background... I have a full Chinese background but was born and raised in Panama my entire life.  I love my two cultures, as well as other exotic and rich cultures, and I do my best to creatively implement the related knowledge of these in any project or work.  

Past... I have had the best experiences experimenting with different volunteer jobs. Besides school and my internship at Area 31, Downtown Miami with Chef Michael Reidt which I absolutely loved, I worked for a year at Mi Vida Cafe with Chef Daniela Lagamma.  This is a vegetarian cafe located in the heart of Miami, attracting guests from all around the world, featuring only the freshest local produce and really exotic finds.  Here I learned more than I could ask for by being able to take over multiple responsibilities.

Future?...I believe that there is no concrete plan in life to follow but there is definitely a list of what I would love to do.  Some things involve languages, such as Chinese and French and work for a hotel in Hong Kong, and others involve working and getting as much experience in every department in the Hotel Industry to then open one with my own resources.  On the side, things I will always enjoy doing is putting together events, as well as the role of a personal chef. 

Random Facts

Languages: Fluent Spanish, Fluent English, Beginners Mandarin.

Artistic and creative skills.

Works good under stress.

Great sense of space organization.